101 Reasons to ShopI used to love to shop. I had it bad. I loved the excitement I felt when I found those perfect outfits and accessories that went so well together. These days I don’t shop as much for myself. I shop more for my kids, husband and the house. Now my daughters are the “shoppers”. They love everything about it and do it as much as they can.

We were sent the book 101 Reasons To Shop by Jessica Waldorf to check out. Would you believe Kayla, 9 years old, was the first to grab it?

101 Reasons to Shop is a small book with includes fun reasons to shop with illustrations to match. You can easily flip to any page and find a reason that will make you smile.

Some of our favorite reasons are:
#20 – If you don’t buy it now, someone else will!
#75 – If we only bought what we needed, millions of people will be out of a job.
#56 – Friends and family discount baby!

This book is such a fun and light read. I found a few reason that I have said to myself at one time or another. When people see the book in my car or house, they can’t help but pick it up. Before you know it they have read the whole thing!

This book would be perfect for a shopper you know.

Buy it!
You can find 101 Reasons to Shop over at Amazon for only $13.25

This book was provided for review purposes by the company. All opinions are 100% mine own as always.

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